Council of Information Security (CIS) is a Not for Profit organization. CIS is raised to feed the need of secure digital India. The Headquarter of the organization is located in New Delhi, the branches and research facilities are coming up across various states with incubation centers in various colleges and universities.

"As the borders of our country cannot be protected by the soldiers from another country, We at CIS believe that the security of our cyber space cannot be outsourced to the outsiders. Build own capacity and collaborate with the world to guard own cyberspace."


To assist and integrate with the government, the Industry and the Academia to create a safe, resilient and robust cyber ecosystem by Regional and International collaborations.


CIS was raised against the backdrop of governments resolve of building Indigenous capability to safeguard the sovereignty of own cyberspace, protect its information infrastructure and to build a trusted cyber ecosystem for safe and efficient trade & commerce related activities and a safe inter-networked society.


Anonymity, Stealthy intruders and disguised identities in cyberspace are the tactics of adversaries to breach the defenses of any organization. “Guard your Cyber Space, keep a watch on integrity and malicious intent of people, systems, and applications to build an intelligent & resilient cyber defense.”

The Council of Information Security is mandated to work in six domains as under:-

The Public Domain

Work on raising the technical threshold of citizens to prevent cybercrime, train and sensitize the citizens to be able to use the e-governance resources, e-learning tools and be part of National cyber economy. Work with Ministry of Human Resource Development and Ministry of Home on cyber safety and Awareness campaigns to empower citizens. Work with Internet Society (ISOC) to participate in administrative process of Internet governance.

The Technical Domain

Work with Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) on National outreach measures for capacity building in cyber security. Work with Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and Internet Society (ISOC) as a whole to participate in technical process of Internet governance and building standards and facilitate researches.

The Military Domain

Work on information sharing, training and awareness campaigns for mitigating possible dangers in cyberspace and to provide cyber threat intelligence support for cyber defensive operations.

The Educational Domain

We work for bridging the gap between Academia and Industry by almost real-time synchronization of developments in industry with our training curriculum. The training is delivered in campus and through our online Virtual Training Portal where the Information infrastructure and Information security education reaches the most inaccessible corners riding the super express internet highway.

The Economic Domain

Teaching and propagating best practices in digital economy, facilitating public-private partnerships by fighting against cybercrime and protecting digital economy critical infrastructure.

The Political Domain

Work on behaviour standards, netiquettes and privacy issues in cyberspace, fighting against cyber-terrorism and cyber-crime by conducting awareness campaigns, establishing work groups and making recommendations to the government.

Our Team

Mayur Agnihotri

Director - Community

Tarun Kumar

Director- Research & Development

Rakshit Tondom

Executive Director - Cyber Crime & Online Safety

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